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Remnants Of The Cold War, Some Milwaukee Fallout Shelters Remain
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They killed by sheer magnitude of the blast and the resulting firestorm, and they killed by means of nuclear fallout. In the United States possessed a monopoly on this new dreadful weapon. The exclusiveness was short-lived, however. In the Soviet Union exploded its first atomic bomb.

Although the United States and the Soviet Union had been wartime allies, by this time they had become peacetime enemies with conflicting ideologies and competing global interests. In an attempt to get or maintain an advantage in the power and numbers of nuclear weapons, both nations embarked on an arms race while at the same time preparing their citizens in the event that nuclear weapons were deployed.

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In effect, a Cold War was being waged, and civilian populations could no longer be shielded from the violence of war. The arms race resulted in nuclear weapons testing. These tests consisted of above-ground and below-ground explosions of nuclear devices.

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  • Remnants Of The Cold War, Some Milwaukee Fallout Shelters Remain | WUWM?

The above ground explosions generated nuclear fallout. With each incremental increase in the level of hostility between the two superpowers, the need to develop and popularize civil defense procedures became more apparent. Of the two outcomes of a nuclear explosion, firestorm and fallout, techniques to defend against radiation poisoning resulting from nuclear fallout had the only real possibility of success.

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One technique was to shield oneself from the blast by means of a barrier such as a "fallout shelter. Students practiced drills called "duck and cover" to prepare for the possibility of a nuclear attack. Private homes and public buildings had fallout shelters that were stocked with canned goods and other necessities.

A brief history of building bomb shelters

Drilling for nuclear war became a part of life's routine in the s and like fire drills today in the schools was taken very seriously. Judge, Edward H. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Schaller et al. All rights reserved.

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your basement offers and what you can do to increase this protection to provide for your family's safety. Keep in mind that fallout shelter provides only limited. BUILDING YOUR OWN BOMB SHELTER, WE CAN HELP When you build a safe room, you are turning that concern into action. An underground shelter is an excellent choice, and can be built in or adjacent to your existing basement. It's important to pay close attention to shelter design when building a room below .

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What the government didn’t mention about fallout shelters

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