How to Stop Painful Memories from Haunting You
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It is that unexpected level of care that the show invokes viewers to feel for each member of the Crain family that actually makes its surprisingly sweet and quaint ending scene feel correct. In the final moments of the season, Hugh Crain is able to convince the ghost of his wife Olivia to open the door to Hill House's torturous Red Room, freeing their children to return to the real world. Then, we get an unexpected music change, as a wistful indie folk tune "If I Go, I'm Going" by Gregory Alan Isakov underscores Steve Crain narrating a passage about love from his book, and we get a montage of everyone finally moving forward to lead happier lives.


Shirl comes clean about her affair to Kevin, Luke celebrates his sobriety with his family, Theo ditches her gloves and moves in with Trish, and Steve makes things right with Leigh. But, this almost was not how the show was originally going to end.

The Haunting

The Haunting of Hill House creator Mike Flanagan told The Hollywood Reporter that originally, this cheerful montage of the Crain children all leading happy lives was going to be undercut by the reveal that it was all a hallucination and they were still trapped in the Red Room. Apparently, Flanagan was planning to include the window of the Red Room in the background of all these happy montage scenes, as a signal to the viewers that the poor, doomed Crain children were actually never saved from the Red Room. Another ghostly sound is heard, and Anthony is frightened. Ian says, "I thought we weren't gonna play those childish games anymore!

Some Go Haunting

He then throws his board on the ground, says, "I hate this game! Anthony asks, "It was Alfred, wasn't it?

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The haunting in Hill House is unique. The house will be starved out, but at least the victims will remain together. Is Abigail even real? The only issue? The further east I went, the deeper the pine woods on either side; the fog floated the trees as if they emerged from purgatory. The road cut between fields of cotton in Gosport—its plantation houses conspicuously intact and turning their facades expectantly up at the sun—and I dared to imagine then slave hands between the brown, bare rows, their backs hunched or ripped or scarred, hot under their sacks, or swaddled tight with babies whose soft fat fingers would callous and bleed when they too learned to pick cotton, even in freedom.

Ian responds, "No," and Anthony begins to ask him if he believes in fairies, but before he can finish the question, Ian yells, "No! The two roll over so that they're back to back, but Ian finally hears a ghost noise and sits up.

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Some Go Haunting. likes. KIDS OF SUMMER (iTunes): KidsOfSummeriT. Some Go Haunting, Category: Artist, Albums: Wandering Souls, Singles: Kids of Summer (feat. Black Knights), Stay With Me, Me & You, House of Arcadia, Some.

He tells Anthony that he heard the ghost, and asks how to get rid of it. Ian and Anthony are sitting at a table lit by candlelight.

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Ian is looking into a mirror and asks Anthony what he's supposed to say to get the ghost to reveal itself. Anthony tells him to say "Unique New York" three times, but Ian can't do it, so he tells Anthony to do it.

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After Anthony succesfully says the tongue twister, the candles go out and thunder is heard outside. Ian backs up to the wall with a look of horror on his face and points over Anthony's shoulder. Anthony turns around, and what seems to be the ghost Stephen's dad from Santa is real is standing behind him.

He lets out a bloodcurdling scream and the two run over to a bookshelf. Ian asks the man if he is a ghost, but he replies, "No, I'm a robber.

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Then he backs off and says, "Just kidding, I am a ghost. I'm a friendly ghost. Anthony asks him to explain the noises that they heard earlier, so the ghost says that the "Ahhh He pulled out a picture of Ojay Simpson, and then put him back in the fridge and pulled out some orange juice.

After drinking from the carton, he was refreshed, so he said, "Ahhh Ian begins to ask another question, but the ghost's phone rings, and he answers it.