Moral Psychology, Volume 4: Free Will and Moral Responsibility

Free Will, Moral Responsibility
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Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

This collection of original essays, comments, and replies brings together philosophers and scientists to discuss the relevance of recent neuroscience and . concept of free will. The fourth volume of the Moral Psychology series edited by the American ethicist Walter Sinnott-Armstrong provides the.

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1. Introduction: What is Moral Psychology?

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Moral Psychology, Volume 4: Free Will and Moral Responsibility by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

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2. Thought Experiments and the Methods of Ethics

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But philosophical reflection may likewise influence empirical research, since such research is often driven by philosophical suppositions that may be more or less philosophically sound. Kostelic can ski much steeper hills at much greater speeds with much more grace and fluidity. Mikhail, J. Pettit, D. For these reasons, Yaffe argues that "if addicts' deficits in evaluative learning, rooted in dopamine signal dysfunction, matter to responsibility or freedom of will, it must be because they matter for reasons that are independent from control" Interview with 3:AM Magazine. The psychology at issue is, like much of science, unfinished business.

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