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Because the DepthCharge and Torpedo classes are so similar, eliminating one of these classes by merging them into a single DT class makes sense. When the constants and one of these classes are eliminated this article's code archive includes a SeaBattle2.

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Also, the jar file's size decreases to 9, bytes. If you remove additional classes, the size reduction should become even more pronounced. March 1 is the deadline for this year's Java 4K game-programming contest. Hopefully, my Sea Battle game will inspire you to write your own.

Remember: The game's jar file must not exceed bytes. Best of luck.

Previous 1 2 Page 2 Page 2 of 2. Note I haven't always declared individual field variables that are written to by one thread and read from by other threads volatile — I haven't even placed the code that writes to and reads from these variables in a synchronized method or a synchronized code block. Although this hasn't been a problem on my uniprocessor platforms, not marking these variables volatile could be problematic on both multiprocessor and dual-core processor platforms.

Therefore, I think it's a good idea for all of us to think about consistently using volatile and synchronized where appropriate to address the main memory versus local memory issue. For more information on these keywords and the Java memory model, read " Java Specification Request in Public Review. Jeff Friesen teaches Java technology including Android to everyone.

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Java 3D is used extensively in this book -- it's the basis of all the 3D examples 15 chapters worth , two of the networking chapters, and its accurate timer class is used in six of the 2D chapters chapters 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, and There are alternatives to using the Java 3D timer, which I discuss in chapter 2.

Install the latest version of Java 3D. The examples are known to work with all versions since Java 3D 1. Please test Java 3D before you try out my code. Download, compile, and execute HelloUniverse 2 KB. If Java 3D is properly installed, then it will show a spinning colored cube. HelloUniverse is a simplified version of a standard Java 3D example.

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Each of the code directories contains its own readme. This book may be useful if you want to write code for reading languages such as VRML. Principles of Digital Communication systems and computer networks. Complex Numbers.

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Andrew Mullholland and Glenn Murphy have each been programming games for more than six years and have several years of experience with Java. They are. Andrew Mulholland and Glenn Murphy. Library of Congress Cataloging-in- Publication Data. Mulholland, Andrew. Java game programming / by Andrew .

It is a very good introduction to the theory, The writers have an in depth knowledge due to their involvement in the standards making. This is a good book to help you choose which 3D open standards to use and to give you a good insight into these standards. It is probably not for those who want a basic introduction to 3D or for these who want a step-by-step programming in 3D book.

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C in a Nutshell - A good reference for language and class framework. Professional C 2nd Edition - Mainly aimed at programming for servers.

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C Programmers Reference - A language reference not much on class framework. A Practical Guide to Curl. CVS Pocket Reference. Game Programming with Darkbasic - book for above software. Digital Image Processing Using Java - Covers some 2D but not Java Advanced Imaging, most of the book is about the concepts, such as, colour enhancement, filtering, fourier, affine transforms.

DirectX 9 Graphics Programmers Guide. Do 3D. Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems - I have not reviewed this book, so I would be interested to hear if it is useful? Engineering Mechanics - Includes Statics book and dynamics book below.. Engineering Mechanics Vol 2: Dynamics - Gives theory for rigid dynamics, aims to allow prediction of effects of force and motion. Includes rotating frame of reference. Classical Dynamics : A Contemporary Approach. Computational Dynamics. There is also an e-book Adobe Reader version available.

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Changing the Display Mode 4. Start reading. DEM and Terrain Generation It's not made for nonprogrammers, but in six chapters you have the tools to develop almost all of your game no joke. Building the Fractal Land Talking to the servlet

Dynamic Simulations of Multibody Systems. Dynamics of Systems of Rigid Bodies. The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse.

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Engineering Mathematics - This book has been going for a long time and it is now in its 5th edition, so it is tried and tested. Ethereal Packet Sniffing. Executable UML - Covers compiler issues but no code. Executable UML - concentrates on patterns.

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Feynman lectures on Physics 3 volume set. An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics. Focus on Curves and Surfaces.