Brain Mapping and Diseases

BRAIN DISEASE BREAKTHROUGH: Scientists create largest EVER ‘brain map’
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Box , Milwaukee, Wisconsin Toggle navigation. Brain Mapping Brain Mapping. With advanced brain mapping technology, our team of experts can see the precise location of your individual brain functions — speech, memory and movement — in order to determine the most appropriate treatment for you.

If surgery is needed, brain mapping technology can be used before and during your procedure to differentiate healthy brain matter from diseased tissue. It can also be used to define a surgical or navigational strategy to help avoid injury to portions of the brain needed for critical functions.

Types of Brain Mapping. This type of brain mapping helps us: Determine the best surgical approach to remove a tumor Diagnose and treat traumatic brain injuries Find breaks in brain fibers that may cause the loss of certain body and memory functions Understand which brain connections are intact and which are damaged While diffusion tensor imaging helps us plan a surgery beforehand, other types of brain mapping technology help us during surgery.

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Knowing all your options can make life's toughest decisions a little easier. Both normal and abnormal brain function are studied with PET. The study of human hemispheric specialization is an important research topic in the PET laboratory.

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The earliest brain changes in AD occur affected by the disease process. Brain mapping helps scientists understand how specific areas function and the hippocampus and how its degeneration leads to diseases.”.

Studies in normal subjects evaluate the relationship between handedness and cerebral dominance, behavioral-cerebral correlations and both inter- and intra-hemispheric participation in behavioral tasks. Studies in patients include the exploration of the causes of a migraine headache, as well as the evaluation of acute and chronic neurological disorders. The data analysis laboratory contains extensive computer facilities for data analysis and visualization.

Cartographers of the Brain: Mapping the Connectome

The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS Laboratory has specialized equipment used to stimulate the brain directly using magnetic fields. The ultimate goal of Brain Mapping is to provide a means by which investigators and students can learn about brain function in health and disease through the integrated data sets collected and stored in digital brain libraries.

The genes that build our brains — and may drive neuropsychiatric diseases

By these methods, computer databases continually learn from the addition of new information to better characterize normal brain function and disease states, and provide a detailed circuitry of the brain's component parts. Trainees at all levels participate in laboratory activities. They range from high school summer students to post-doctoral fellows.

The Ahmanson-Lovelace Brain Mapping Building is a facility dedicated solely to the goals and missions of the program, unifying the expertise of many individuals and many methodologies under one roof. It houses the program's imaging laboratories and many of its faculty, trainees and offices. Additional space in the Neuroscience Research Building is dedicated to computation, wet-lab space and faculty offices.

Alzheimer's disease: Mapping the brain's decline

There are few places in the world that have the neuroscience resources, expertise, and interests to establish a comprehensive Brain Mapping program. Thus, it is appropriate that a project of this scope and magnitude take place at UCLA.

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